Hottest Yessma Web Series Release Date, Cast, and Actress Names

Yessma hot Web Series

In 2023, Indian audiences are eagerly awaiting the release of the much-anticipated “2023’s Hottest Yessma Web Series.” This Yessma series, an exclusive offering on the Yessma OTT platform, has created a buzz like no other. The spotlight is firmly on the Yessma web series cast, as viewers eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the actress names that will grace the screens.

The release date of “2023’s Hottest Yessma Web Series” remains shrouded in mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding this project. With every passing day, the excitement for this Yessma web series intensifies. It’s not just about the cast; it’s about the magic that Yessma is set to bring to the world of digital entertainment.

The Yessma Telegram link has become a hub for fans who can’t wait to get the latest updates about the series. It’s a place where enthusiasts discuss every tidbit of information they can find, sharing their enthusiasm for “2023’s Hottest Yessma.”

In this grand narrative, the actress names are the jewels that adorn the crown. The Yessma series cast, carefully curated and featuring talented individuals, promises to deliver performances that will leave a lasting impact. Each character in “2023’s Hottest Yessma Web Series” will be brought to life by these accomplished artists.

As the anticipation reaches its peak, it’s clear that “2023’s Hottest Yessma Web Series” is not just a show; it’s an experience that fans across the nation are eagerly looking forward to. The Yessma web series promises to redefine digital storytelling and make its mark in the world of Indian entertainment.

Yessma Hot Web Series Cast, Actress Name

Selinte Tuition Class

Yessma Hot Web Series

Web Series Name – Selinte Tuition Class

Main Actress Name – Mariya Rose Varghese

Produce By – Yessma Web Series

Directed By – Syed Ahmad Afzal

Selinte Tuition Class is a very good web series. In 2022, this web series aired on Yessma Ott. Actress Mariya Rose Varghese, who worked in it, had succeeded in making people crazy with her acting and beauty. This web sequence is available in Malayalam language on Yessma’s official website or app.

Plum Cake 2

Web Series Name – Plum Cake 2

Main Actress Name – Ayesha Pathan

Produce By – Yessma Serie

Directed By – Lakshmi Dheeptha

PLUM CAKE 2 is a Malayalam web series, which will be available on the Yessma Ott platform on 11th January 2022. Ayesha Pathan is in the lead role in this web series. Who enhances his acting with his killer style. You should not miss this web sequence at all. It is very much liked by the audience in Malayalam.


Yessma Hot Web Series

Web Series Name – Hope

Main Actress Name – Anisha, Kamratha

Produce By – Yessma Web Series

Directed By – Lakshmi Dheeptha

Hope is a Malayalam web series. It quickly became a hit on Yessma Ott when it debuted on February 3 2023. Anisha and Kamratha successfully drew audiences to theaters with their performances. You can easily stream the Hope web sequence on the Yessma Ott platform.

Hope 4

Web Series Name – Hope 4

Main Actress Name – Kamratha, Nikhil, Ajisha

Produce By – Yessma Web Series

Directed By – Joy Kallukaran

Hope 4 is a web series with drama, comedy, and thrills, including sensual scenes. Ajisha in Hope 4 Is seen in the lead role. Ajisha justifies her acting completely and excites and attracts the audience with her beauty. This Malayalam web sequence was released on the Ott platform on 12 March 2023, which was given a lot of love by the audience like the previous part.

Kinnarathumbikal 2 Web Series

Web Series Name – Kinnarathumbikal 2 Web Series

Main Actress Name – Nimisha, Adithya S Raj

Produce By – Yessma web Series

Directed By – Lakshmi Dheeptha

Kinnarthumbikal 2 is an erotic web series starring Nimisha and Aditya S Raj in fulfilling their erotic desires by helping each other. The web series ‘Kinnathumbikal 2’ explores sexuality intensively, promising a thrilling viewing experience. Nimisha’s killer moves and hot breathy moans keep you and your romance alive. Kinnarathumbikal 2 became available on the Hot web series OTT platform on March 15, 2023. If you also want to see it. so you can see.

Sreeragam 2

Web Series Name – Sreeragam 2

Main Actress Name – Ashwini, Anjitha, Kumar

Produce By – Yessma Series

Directed By – Lakshmi Dheeptha

Sreeragam 2 is an exciting web series that you can easily watch on the Yessma Ott platform. Ashwini, Anjitha, and Kumar have left no stone unturned in creating sensuality in people with their acting. On 8 April 2023, this web sequence created a stir on Ott platform. It was liked a lot by the audience and is still being liked by the audience.


Yessma Telegram link

Web Series Name – Pulinjikka

Main Actress Name – Aadithya S Raj

Produce By – Yessma Serie

Directed By – Lakshmi Dheeptha

Pulinjikka is one of the most loved web sequence in Malayalam. Aadithya S Raj, playing the lead role in this web series, succeeds in creating her magic among the audience. The Malayalam sequence Pulinjikka’ premiered on Yessma Ott on May 1, 2023. People had given their love to this Pulinjikka web sequence. To witness Aadithya S Raj’s sensual performance, you can watch it on Yessma Ott.


The excitement Hottest Yessma Web Series” is palpable in India. The Yessma exclusive sequence has generated immense anticipation, with fans eagerly awaiting the cast and actress names. The sequence’ release date remains a closely guarded secret, adding to the intrigue. The Yessma Telegram link has become a gathering point for enthusiasts seeking updates, illustrating the sequence’ immense popularity.The actress names, including Mariya Rose Varghese in “Selinte Tuition Class,” Ayesha Pathan in “Plum Cake 2,” and others, promise captivating performances. “2023’s Hottest Yessma” isn’t just a show; it’s an experience redefining digital storytelling in Indian entertainment. Yessma’s dedication to quality promises a lasting impact in the world of OTT entertainment.

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