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Here it’s my story

My name is Varun, I am 26 years old, that day I was looking for Poonam Pandey nude. But her hot pictures could not be seen

On insta, I found a hot photo of Poonam Pandey the comment of a girl is really interesting so I followed her.

By the way, Poonam Pandey is a renowned Indian Bollywood actress Escorts, known for introducing the global audience to glamorous and glamorous roles of actresses in India’s film industry. She was born on December 29, 1993, in Mumbai to a father from Uttar Pradesh and a mother from Punjab.

Another day while searching for nude photos and videos of Poonam Pandey

that I just search Poonam Pandey nude, 

But I found her a onlyfans then I subscribed to her. 

Meanwhile in the comment section. I found her again, I asked for her number, 

but she didn’t give her number but gave insta id, we talked and started meeting. One day she asked to talk about my fantasy and I told her that I want to have sex with a girl like Poonam Pandey once.

She said why boys only talk about sex

I said good idea why not do we talk about sex

When I replied: I told her that if I don’t think about Mingle now, when will I think I am 26 years old, I do good work, I earn well, now I am growing old, I am getting old day by day It is happening, after a few days I will get married and then there will be children. So when do you think I should be thinking about dating and sex?

She was impressed, she expressed her desire to have sex.

Neha also wants to have sex before marriage. Neha asked when we will have sex. 

when we have sex what will you do?

I answer So what will you do, I said first I will lick her pussy and press her boobs lick her nipples squeeze them, and kiss a lot, and Before I will fulfill all my desires first.

Try to make your fantasy dream come true. I asked her to tell me about her fantasy then she said: Do you find Poonam Pandey nude, have you seen her at that time?

Have you seen Poonam Pandey nude, have you seen that time?

That looks like how much she must have enjoyed getting fucked, she plays with her tits and pussy, I always imagine myself over there when I imagine myself over there, imagine when I Will put someone’s cock in my pussy, will it feel pain or will it be fun.

How will it feel when a boy licks my pussy and I just want the boy to eat my pussy so bad I can’t even explain, I start feeling strange in my pussy. that time this is my fantasy.

After talking about your fantasy both of us feel weird and awkward. 

So let us start talking about top sex benefits for good health

We leave Poonam Pandey nude topic and talk about Sex Benefits

Getting better heart health, possibly including a lower risk for heart disease. You will feel improved self-esteem. After often sex decreased depression and anxiety. before sex increased libido. Emotionally immediate, natural pain relief. After big-time sex gets better sleep. After sex gets lower blood pressure. When you are having sex after a long time you have got a better immune system. Overall you will get stress reduction, both physiologically and emotionally whether you are male or female. We both used to see Poonam Pandey nude and imagine our own fantasy seeing her beautiful body. Just by talking this much, we told each other the truth that I want to have sex.

and she agreed we met each other after work that day and we had great sex all night

That night I ate her pussy as I wanted and she was sucking my cock like a vacuum.

Start happened like this. 

We went to a hotel after office, ate food from a nearby restaurant, drank wine, then returned to the hotel.

We kiss as soon as we enter the room. I bite her on the neck, she bites me on my lips.

I took her off again and then kissed each other a lot on the bed with the AC on.

The room was getting colder and I was kissing her hotly and rubbing my fingers in her vagina. I make her more horny then I put my cock in her pussy

She says start loving, love me as much as you can.

I then continued to fuck her in every position as she said, she wanted to do oral after that and we did that too

Neither of us knew much about position 69.

but we try and I must say it was awesome

Then when tired, just started feeling each other, he put his hand on my side and then slowly lowered. took my cock in her hand and was squeezing it

I took her boobs in my hand and started feeling them in my hands while pressing them. they were warm and soft, they were very bland.

After that saw her lips they were looking red and juicy. And then I kissed her and she said she wanted to do this all her life

That day I came to know that he likes to roleplay and have oral sex. Now we both try to fulfill each other’s wishes

we met many times after that day.

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