10 Best Sex Positions Name That try with your Erotic Partner in Bed

Top Sex Positions Name You should try

Hello gentlemen, if you are wondering about the Best Sex Positions Name with your roommate or best partner then this article is for you. Most people do sex in a normal way, but today you will know through our article that by having sex in which positions, you can make your bed partner experience high satisfaction. These are Good Sex Positions Name that you have never experienced before.

Through this article, you will be shown that even the hottest spark in the bedroom needs new sex positions to ignite the fire from time to time, so in this article you will be told about the top sex positions, how you can improve your will be able to complete with a bad partner because everyone needs a spark in normal life.

There are some unique Sex Position Name so you can try with him/ her

If you also want to make your partner experience high sexuality, then we have prepared all sex positions name list for you. After this article it will be easy for you to have sex and get satisfaction from sex.

#1 Doggy Style-

Doggy style is one of the most used sex positions in the world which greatly affects sensuality. In doggy style, the receiver stands on all fours. Then, the giver kneels behind them, with their upper body straight up, the most supportive and helpful position to enhance sensuality. As you know, like a dog with a hump, a woman has to live.

Doggystyle Sex Position

This sex position allows for deeper penetration and easier G-spot stimulation which boosts the level of stimulation to a very high level. Doggy style is one of the different sex positions that 90% of people do and enjoy sensuality.

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#2 Wheelbarrow-

Wheelbarrow sex position which is one of the best exciting and challenging sex positions to experience a different type of position. In this position the man lifts the woman by her hips and the woman places her hands on the ground. These Best Sex Positions Name For Women in this position, the woman feels very soothing and relieved.

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

You can make this position very pleasurable with your partner as this position allows deep penetration and is very exciting for both the partners. Try this position by resting yourself on a table or on the edge of a bed and relaxing your arms. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy sex for a long time because it is one of the hot sex positions name.

#3 Cowgirl –

If you want to get the ultimate pleasure of sex then you cowgirl in this sex position the recipient kneels on top, pushes the chest of the giver and slides their thighs up and down. Due to the dominant power in this sex position, the female gets to know the real knowledge of her intimacy.


cowgirl sex position delays the climax. Sitting on top of the man, the woman satisfies the trinity of her sex. In this sex position, vary the depth and pressure by bringing your chest together, that is, leaning in, which will increase the level of sensuality of your sex to a higher degree.

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#4 Missionary-

Missionary sex positions name are often face-to-face positions in which you can hold eye contact with your partner for a while. These sex positions can take things up a notch and add to your intimacy while calming your nerves with a little nipple feel from your partner.


Missionary is a great position for vaginal sex, but it also works brilliantly for anal sex. We usually also call this sex position as anal sex position name. During this the receiver lies on his back while the giver lies facing upwards which is very wonderful to experience. If you want to make this sex position even hotter, change the way both of you feel by shifting the angle of your legs. In this position there is experience of first-time sex positions which is very fun to experience.

#5 69- In 69 sex positions

Two people involved can achieve the same satisfaction at the same time as in this position both the male and the female are kissing and kissing each other’s intimate area, which increases their arousal to a very high degree. Sure, doing two things at the same time is not the easiest thing in the world, but if you master these sex positions, your satisfaction level will be very high. 69 sex position can be loads of fun.

69- In 69 sex positions

All it needs is enthusiasm and curiosity. Because the key is to find a style that works for both of you, where both people can find a way that is physically comfortable, fun to do, and attractive.

There are many ways of 69 sex pose name, below we have given a new list of 69 positions, which you can try in your own style: –

  • Classic 69
  • Inverted 69
  • Swinging 69
  • Sex toy 69
  • The Standing 69

No one is adept at anything in sex without taking time and attention during this position. More people also know these positions by the name of Indian 69 sex position name and use it as Desi 69 sex.

#6 Faceoff-

During this position the giving partner sits on the edge of a chair or bed; The receiver sits on his lap and faces him. In this position, your eyes will meet with your partner, which will increase the excitement of both you and your partner. During this, you can kiss your partner’s neck and taste their boobs.


You can control the higher depth of sensuality if you try the faceoff sex position. You get the support you need from sitting, so it’s great for marathon sex sessions. During this you let your fingers and their hands move so that your excitement will increase further. These sex positions image become very beautiful because in this both the partners sit hugging each other in the same way. These positions are a great way for face-to-face sex to develop feelings of emotional intimacy and closeness. The position is also known as easy sex positions.

#7 Lotus Sex Position

Lotus sex position is really intimate and during this once you get in there and start gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, the biological sex starts activating and you are firmly with that person Starts to add up, no matter how jerky they are. So, make sure you are seeing someone decent. These sex positions are also known as wild sex positions name because during this sex is experienced very loudly with your partner. This position requires some flexibility and strength on both sides, but is fairly easy to do. You can find positions for every desire and body type in our list of the Best sex positions with images.

Lostus Sex Positions

#8 Butterfly Sex Position- Butterfly is a sex position where the vaginal partner lies on their back on the edge of a bed or other surface, and the penile partner stands or kneels in front and between the partner’s legs. The standing partner does most of the work. The lying partner can move their legs for comfort and stimulation. In this, you can also take sex positions pic, in which both partners get a lot of erotic and satisfaction at this time. There are types of sex positions for butterfly sex positions you can have sex in different ways and you can touch the level of sensuality.

#9 Spooning Sex Positions Name –

Spooning is considered a very bad sex position for people who are intoxicated or have a hangover or for lazy people. But hear me out: You can have some of the hottest sex ever in this cozy arrangement. But while doing this, there is a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm so that you can show your stamina with your partner. This sex position is known as Romantic Sex Positions Name. In this, for each and every one of them, the skin-to-skin contact is unique: you are literally connected from neck to toe.

Spooning Sex Positions Name

Two, having your partner place their hips back on top of yours means that you feel every inch of them inside from the beginning to the end of each thrust, giving you the experience of Kamasutra sex positions. This will make it easier for you to get rid of fatigue.

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#10 Reverse Cowgirl –

The reverse cowgirl sex position is one of the most popular sex positions. During this, you can satisfy your inner desires as per your wish and very easily. This is great for those who like to be on top of their man but don’t want to waste all of their time looking into his eyes; However, there are plenty of positions like these in our ultimate guide to sex positions.


Your husband or boyfriend will first need to start by lying on his back. Then you have to get down on your knees, one on either side of her, on top of her lap so that she is facing your back. Then just lower yourself down on top of it. We also know this pose by the name of Indian reverse cowgirl.


How Many Sex Positions?

There are different types of sex positions and with these positions you can get satisfied very quickly.

Which position is best for sex?

69, Cowgirl and Doggy Style.

Which position is best for first time sex?

Missionary, 69, Faceoff.

Disclaimer: – Try this sex position after a mutual discussion with your girlfriend or partner and after her consent. If they are willing then you should do sex positions with them, otherwise, these positions can be very harmful. There are also many benefits of doing these sex positions, but if your partner is ready for this, then try them. And this article is only for people above 18+ years, if you are under age then don’t read this article and don’t use these positions.


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